Joanne Rowbotham

I started my employment with BB Healthcare in December 2015 as a Care Worker. The position required excellent time keeping skills, keeping unnecessary delays to a minimum when dealing with crucial appointments for those who need day to day care. Not only did this build a good reputation for the company, it also laid down the potential to gain more custom. To better myself in this position, I completed all relevant training packages as to help the company and widen my understanding of what was a vast field of care available.

In September 2016 I was made Recruitment Co-ordinator, this has opened up the opportunity for me to be able to further my potential and I have been given the opportunity to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Management and Leadership. I thrive in my new position as it is fast paced, complex and rewarding. These are all the attributes that I feel fit my mannerisms from being from a military background. Being organised, disciplined and efficient will only help me gain the relevant qualifications I need to one day help me achieve further success for my branch and furthering the reputation and success for the company and myself.

I feel that starting my career as a Support Worker has given me the experience to assist other Support Workers in their day to day work. I can relate to issues that can arise and resolve any problems that may occur. I enjoy being part of a successful team and work hard for great results