The daily care of Jacob


I have always been a very independent man. Since my wife passed away I have managed the cooking and cleaning myself. 

Over the past year, my daughter has started visiting more regular, she was concerned about me as I kept forgetting to turn the stove off after using it. This was putting a strain on our relationship as my daughter was trying to run her family home, hold down a full-time job and keep an eye on me. My daughter suggested I have some help with a care worker coming to visit. I was not very keen at first but realised my daughter couldn’t do everything. We contacted BB Healthcare who arranged for Andrea to visit me at home. 

Andrea was very polite and respectful of my home, she was full of information about BB Healthcare and how they could help and support me. I agreed to a trial visit from a carer once a day at lunchtime. The lunch carer would make me a meal and prepare me something to eat for later. It was lovely for me to see someone during the day as the days can be long now that I no longer have my wife with me. Since that day I haven’t looked back and following a stroke I have increased my care to 3 calls a day. I have regular, trained carer’s visiting who have all got to know me and know how I like things done. 

This has helped me enormously and relieved some of the pressure from my Daughter. When my daughter visits me now it is to have a cup of tea and we tell each other about our day.

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