Abbie’s role as a domiciliary carer


BB Healthcare always ensures I have my rota a week in advance, this enables me to plan other commitments in my life. I work Mornings, lunches and teas 3 days a week and teas and beds 2 days a week. It is important that I have a routine and BB Healthcare has respected that. I help out when I can but I am always asked first. I am also available alternate weekends where I am more flexible and can work any 3 out of the 4 shifts needed. 

I start my morning shift at 7 am with Doris, she loves an early call as she used to work on a farm and has always been an early riser. I usually help Doris with personal care, prepare her medication and assist her to make breakfast. Doris is fiercely independent and will let me know how much assistance is required at each visit. I document the call in Doris’s daily notes and fill in the MAR chart. I ensure Doris has everything she needs before I leave. I continue with my round and usually finish around 11 am. 

BB Healthcare designed my round with me to ensure I wasn’t travelling too far. All of the calls I am allocated to are usually local to each other reducing the amount of travelling I need to do. Doris has always had a hot meal at lunchtime and this is something she wishes to continue with. Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver weekly and these are heated in the microwave. Once Doris has chosen her meal, I prepare her medication for her while the meal is cooking. Doris usually likes her meal at the kitchen table. Once I have served dinner, We have a chat and I check if there is anything else I can do. 

I complete the daily notes and fill in the MAR chart then leave. Doris has a check call at tea time, this is just to make sure she has eaten and has a drink. Doris will usually make herself a sandwich for tea but if she hasn’t done so for any reason, I can help her. I make Doris a hot drink and leave a glass of water beside the bed for later. I check that Doris has got everything she needs for the evening, write the care notes and leave. I always report any problems or concerns straight away so that they can be addressed immediately.

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